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Water once again discussed in Chenoa

Mayor David Shane reported to the Chenoa City Council Tuesday that the city produces 72 million gallons of drinking water per year, but due to leaks in the primary piping system, only about 32 million gallons reach users.

A representative from Farnsworth said he sent an initial agreement to Mayor Shane last Friday for Farnsworth to investigate and resolve this issue. Farnsworth is waiting for the City Council to review the proposal and select options for proceeding. Mayor Shane commented that Chenoa's water billing rates would have to be increased.


The City Council voted to appoint Don Schulthies as the Zoning Officer.


The owners of Wildflower Road gave a brief presentation about their trailer bar and their interest in bringing it to future Chenoa special events. Mayor Shane suggested the owners come to Chenoa City Hall to purchase temporary liquor licenses for upcoming special events.


During the public comment portion of the meeting, two citizens expressed a need for a long-term comprehensive plan covering all Chenoa city parks, the swimming pool, and Silliman Pond. Mayor Shane suggested the parks be included in the new Comprehensive Plan for Chenoa. The last Comprehensive Plan for Chenoa was done in 2009 and is now being updated.


Another citizen expressed concern about an idea discussed at the last City Council meeting to add new playground equipment to Silliman Pond. The citizen stated that Silliman Pond was too far from town for most children to access by walking or riding bicycles. The citizen suggested that money should be used to maintain the existing park equipment rather than add more equipment at Sillman Pond.


Mayor Shane reported that the 2024 opening of the Chenoa swimming pool is delayed. It was supposed to open on Memorial Day weekend. The pool is leaking water faster than it can be filled. The pool liner has been pulled away in several places, causing excessive leaks. A pool maintenance expert has been asked to help solve the problem. A projected opening date for the pool is not known at this time.


Members present at the City Council meeting Tuesday evening were Mayor David Shane and Commissioners J. E. Myer and Bev Pickett.


The Council also voted to approve the last meeting minutes and to pay the bills.


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