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Vogler speaks of preserving freedom

Chenoa's 2021 Memorial Day Service shown Monday morning at Chenoa Cemetery.

Chenoa honored America’s fallen during the annual Memorial Day service Monday morning at Chenoa Cemetery.

Pastor Jeff Williams from Chenoa Baptist Church presented the opening prayer.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity we have to gather here,” he said. “It’s right to remember on this day the sacrifices these men and women made to preserve our values and way of life.”

Williams also prayed for those veterans struggling with mental health issues and others lost to suicide.

McLean County Veterans Assistance Commission Superintendent Jerry Vogler was the day’s speaker. He defined the day as a time to recognize the sacrifices of those who came before us and thanked everyone for attending the service. Vogler pointed to a phrase previously spoken by President Ronald Reagan that says freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

“We need to hold ceremonies like this one to honor the sacrifices made on our behalf,” stated Vogler.

Vogler asked if our children are taught the Constitution states our freedoms come from a divine being who created all of us and whether they are taught former President John Kennedy’s words of asking what you can do for your country. He feels the America we know and love is slipping away.

Acknowledging our founding fathers came from all walks of life, Vogler believes they may have cringed at some of the actions of our government and other things residents of this country have done.

“As we leave this place of remembrance, let us pledge to not let liberty and freedom die,” Vogler concluded.

Dwayne Price of the Chenoa VFW emceed the laying of the wreath ceremony.

Monday’s program also included patriotic numbers performed by the Prairie Central High School band, a 21-gun salute and assistance from local Scouts.

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