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Scott home tours begin soon

The Matthew T. Scott home is shown Thursday morning.

You know the seasons are changing when a historical Chenoa home opens up for weekly tours.

The Matthew T. Scott house, at 227 North First Avenue, is open for tours on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. starting in April or by appointment.

“It is free of charge to tour the house and takes about 35 minutes,” explains Rachel Kridner, president of the Matthew T. Scott house foundation.

Tenants of the home help share the agricultural history of the area and the stories behind the town founders. The house has been invited to participate in the Heritage Homes of McLean County effort.

“There is a Facebook page that just started about it and it would be great for more people to join in,” said Kridner.

Chenoa’s historical landmark is part of a larger network of historic homes in the area such as Castle Gardens in Lexington and Duncan Manor in Towanda, along with sites in the Bloomington-Normal area.

The Scott house foundation takes an overall view of what the house can do and how it can be promoted better.

“We are one of two (historical) houses in the State of Illinois where our tenants actually live on-site within the home.”

Kridner said the foundation’s biggest project was installing a new kitchen for the curators. They perform basic maintenance tasks throughout the year.

“If any projects come up, we are there to help them,” she noted.

Group members continue to promote the home and they are preparing for an outdoor landscaping project which local Master Gardener Patty Kahle is designing. They plan to have local residents install the landscaping.

Volunteers are always needed for the Matthew T. Scott house. Anyone interested should contact Kridner. The home will be open during the Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor Saturday May 7.

Those traveling Route 66 can simply look for the brown signs leading to the home.

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