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Running to celebrate life

Runners get ready to start during Saturday's 5K in Chenoa.

The inaugural 5K run and walk from the Chenoa Run Club appeared to be a success on Saturday morning.

Co-organizer Rod Kodavatikanti believes this is a good way to lift people’s spirits especially since the last year has been hard on many.

“I wanted to do this to bring life to the community,” Kodavatikanti told Chenoa News.

Kodavatikanti won’t rule out adding a similar event during the year.

The Chenoa Run Club started out as a group gathering for fellowship. Members run different routes around town on Fridays.

“Obviously, for the last year, everyone has kind of been stuck inside so we wanted to do something where people could get out and have fun,” said club member Kyle Buchanan.

Saturday’s route started near 4-D Construction, traveling to Lincoln and downtown before heading out to the Silliman Lake area. Buchanan wore multiple hats on Saturday as it was a busy day in town.

“I am having a garage sale at home too so my wife and mother-in-law are running that and we are going to go up to the Red Carpet Corridor as well.”

Here are the final times for the racers:

Corey Brown 21:39

Maggie Donovan 22:42

Autumn Kridner 24:23

Jack Kahle 25:03

Travis Cornwall 25:19

Jesse Brobston 25:30

Wendy Brucker 27:49

Madeline Zimmerman 29:42

Pam Ifft 30:16

Janelle Brown 31:02

Angie Heitzman 33:51

Kristen Sinnett 37:01

Beth Carrion 40:49

Amy Daiker 40: 49

Rachel Kridner 40:49

Roger Wahls 48:13

Rory Marchetti 49:47

Amy Marchetti 49:47

Heather 49:47

Marilyn Whitmar 53:47

Ken Armstrong 53:47

Robyn Perkins 63:33


Ethan 40:11

Adam 40:19

Brady 40:21

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