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  • Kent Casson

Road transfer receives final approval

Division Street is shown in the middle of town last week.

The jurisdiction of Division Street, or County Highway 19, has been transferred from McLean County to the City of Chenoa.

Members of the Chenoa City Council approved the measure by a 5-0 vote at last week’s regular council meeting held at City Hall. This comes after the McLean County Board’s vote of 20-0 to approve it. Discussion was minimal at the council meeting since the issue had been discussed at several prior meetings.

The road transfer includes payments to Chenoa and additional funds for future drainage repairs.

Also at last week’s meeting, the Chenoa City Council changed the golf cart ordinance to allow any licensed driver to operate a vehicle under the state vehicle code. The curfew was also eliminated for golf carts.

“You are now allowed to drive them after dark,” Mayor Chris Wilder said.

The city also amended the garbage ordinance so there is now a fill line for dumpsters. This ordinance requires residents to not fill dumpsters over the top.

“It just becomes a problem for the truck to get it emptied,” notes Wilder.

Commissioners Kyle Buchanan and Joseph Bell were sworn-in at the meeting and the group held a budget discussion.

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