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Road Rally wraps at Finish Line

1st place winners of the Road "F.U.N.F." Hunter & Jeremiah Powell, Ryan Murphy & Paul Shevokas.

Fourth of July week is officially underway in Chenoa now that the annual Firecracker Road Rally is complete.

Sunday’s unique scavenger hunt on wheels included a trophy and bragging rights all to support the Chenoa Fourth of July Committee. Entry fee was $30 per car and those participating were required to have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. The event concluded at the Finish Line bar in downtown Chenoa.

First place went to the team known as “F.U.N.F.” with Jeremiah Powell of Chenoa the driver and Ryan Murphy of Mackinaw the navigator. Team members included Paul Shevokas and Hunter Powell. They had a final score of 178. Hunter thought it felt pretty good to win, especially since he could sit and relax while letting the rest of the participants do the hard work. This was his second time taking part and he enjoyed it better than the previous rally.

“The Muthas” came in second place with Carol Seeman driving and Karen Heins serving as the navigator. Other team members included Jackie Corrie and Teri Mason. Their final score was 197. Third place went to the team known as “Cornfed” with Dean Atkins the driver and Matt Kridner the navigator. Other members of this team included Darcy Atkins and Rachel Kridner. The team’s final score was 229.

“If you’re not first you’re last,” said Dean. “Every year, it’s a lot of fun.”

The others agreed that the road rally is fun to do every year.

2nd place winners "The Muthas" with Karen Heins, Carol Seeman, Jackie Corrie and Teri Mason.

3rd place team "Cornfed" with Rachel Kridner, Matt Kridner, Darcy Atkins & Dean Atkins.

This is the first of many articles, broadcasts and more planned of this week's Chenoa Fourth of July celebration from Chenoa News. Thanks to our sponsors for making the coverage possible all week: The Chenoa Fourth of July Committee, Chenoa Fitness Center, Blessings from Above and Justin & Brooke Feese of Feese Homes with Keller Williams Revolution of Bloomington.

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