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Project bids higher than anticipated

Chenoa city leaders are exploring different options after bids for the Division Street project came in higher than anticipated.

“We have several options we can do,” Mayor Chris Wilder told members of the Chenoa City Council Tuesday night.

Those options include accepting a bid or re-bidding the project at a later date hoping for a decrease in cost. The agreement could also be nullified completely. Even the low bid was much larger than originally thought.

“I’m being told a lot of it is price driven based on materials,” said Wilder.

Streets Commissioner Joseph Bell said he personally would not leave this in the hands of the county and that paying attorney fees would be cheaper than other options. Water and Sewer Commissioner Lee Reinhart does not want a project where costs are cut back and just half of the work is done.

The mayor and Finance/Insurance Commissioner Kyle Buchanan plan to call the county finance committee for more information. The low bid reportedly came in at $432,000 followed by $634,000 and $652,000.

In another matter, Parks Commissioner Chad Daiker reported nice progress on the park restroom project and said the community youth building is in need of a new roof. Bids will be accepted soon. Reinhart commended city workers since they are short staffed, saying the team in place has really stepped up.

“One of our gentlemen was at the plant until midnight Friday night.”

Bell reviewed a busy few weeks which included work on the school track at the football field. The city plans to cut back trees and bushes at the pond and will work on trees throughout town.

“We are working on getting our lift back up and running,” Bell said.

Buchanan said he is still working on getting insurance quotes. He also reported the first installment of the American Rescue Plan coronavirus relief has been received. This can be used to support public health expenditures or to address economic impacts from the pandemic. It cannot be used to fund debt service or for rainy day funds as the money must be spent.

Mayor Wilder noted the police department is staffing two new officers – one part-time and one full-time. It takes time to get the new officers trained. The city is in the process of looking for a replacement squad car as well.

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