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Police agreements extended

The Chenoa City Council has voted to extend agreements with neighboring areas for another four years.

These agreements allow the Chenoa Police Department to have jurisdiction in those areas for incidents like traffic stops. They have been in place for Chenoa Township since 1998, Yates Township since 2012, and Gridley Township since 2014. The county will also have to approve these agreements.

Also during Tuesday evening’s regular meeting, the Chenoa Council adopted a mitigation plan. Of the 25 townships and villages in McLean County, 22 have voted to adopt the McLean County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan.

Council members approved the minutes from the last meeting and the bills to be paid. There were no public comments from the floor.

The city will pursue an option to encourage automated ACH payments versus handling paper checks. Chenoa residents must pay $3.00 per transaction if they pay their water bill using ACH. Another option would be for the city to waive the individual fee, and the city pays $20 per month for unlimited ACH transactions. The City Attorney must modify the existing ordinance before this can go into effect.

It was revealed the city water treatment plant needs a new clear water storage tank. A glass-lined tank would be too expensive. Bids will be sent out in January for either a new steel or concrete tank. Once the bids are received, the Council will select either a new steel or concrete tank.

The Council agreed to start the long process of renewing the TIF district for another 12 years. It will take an act by the Illinois State Legislature to extend the TIF district life.

The city is still planning on erecting the old playground equipment stored at the waste treatment plant. It will be installed by the pond next year.

Commissioner Kyle Buchanan announced he is resigning from City Council effective January 1, 2023, after six years of service. Kyle stated he was leaving to be able to spend more time with his family.

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