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Pickett appointed commissioner

Bev Pickett is the latest commissioner to be appointed to the Chenoa City Council.

She currently fills the vacant water and sewer position in the city, though Chenoa Mayor David Shane said if Pickett does not feel confident in the position, she could be moved to insurance and finance because of her experience.

“She actually works from home doing doctor billing so she may have a little more insight that the rest of us do on insurance,” Shane told Chenoa News.

According to Shane, Pickett stepped up after someone talked to her about the position.

“I think she’s going to be really good,” added Shane.

Also at Tuesday’s regular meeting, the Chenoa City Council reviewed a summary from Farnsworth on water distribution. This entails 8,800 feet of water main put in for $1.87 million. The mayor has a meeting next week with Farnsworth and encouraged anyone with questions to share them so he can pass on the questions to the company.

Council members approved a line of credit from State Bank of Graymont. Shane feels the city is in good shape financially but the water and sewer fund is not.

“We made it so at least three people have to sign in order to take money off of this line of credit.”

It is $600,000 but interest does not have to be paid until the money is used. The group approved moving money from the general fund into sewer and water until everything is straightened out from an accounting standpoint.

Commissioners approved releasing money from the 53-acre fund to use toward the clear well and Division Street projects. This fund has been around for several years since McDonald’s was built out on the west side of town. The money had been sitting in a non-interest bearing account.

Street lights at the intersection of Routes 24 and 66 were discussed and Commissioner Zack Lopeman will pursue this further.

Following a closed session, the council approved bonuses for city employees.

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