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OB's TIF agreement approved

Mayor Chris Wilder, center, speaks while attorney Steve Mann, left, and Commissioner Kyle Buchanan listen.

A TIF redevelopment agreement between the City of Chenoa and a new pizza brewery was approved by the Chenoa City Council Tuesday.

OB’s Cervezaria is slated to open next July along U.S. Highway 24, also known as Cemetery Avenue, and will have a local history theme. OB’s plans to brew its own beer and have different types of pizza. Other possibilities include an area for volleyball and a golf simulator.

“We want to try and bring pieces of history into this building,” explained owner John Cerda.

A pay as you pour system will make the business unique, as beer can be purchased by the ounce. When asked about water usage, Cerda said this would involve over 2,000 gallons a week and he does not see anything harmful resulting from this.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the Chenoa City Council discussed the installation of playground equipment at the city park. The group decided to take an actual vote on the install at a later time when a quote is available for other equipment as well. The mayor suggested letting the company do the installation since several fine details are involved and there are liability issues with volunteers doing the work.

Nancy Todd with the Chenoa Revitalization Committee explained the committee’s goal of building an inclusive park system for the city. They have raised approximately $16,000 since October. An anonymous donor gave a playground to the city but the committee is still seeking donations for other items such as a handicapped-accessible rectangular picnic table and other tables which could go in the new pavilion.

“We’ve talked about playground surfacing,” noted Todd. “That would probably be something that would need to be purchased by somebody and installed.”

Todd wanted reassurance from council members that they were on board with the committee’s efforts, as they are trying to finish the donations by March.

“So far, we are going in a good direction,” stated parks commissioner Chad Daiker.

Mayor Chris Wilder told Todd he supports the project but reminded everyone it is ultimately up to the council to make it happen. Wilder asked the group to bring back a drawing of what the entire project will look like with the various pieces of equipment proposed and dimensions included.

The council decided to stay with the current vendor for city insurance after the recommendation from an independent consultant. Commissioners seemed comfortable with the company they use now.

“I’m comfortable where we are at,” said water and sewer commissioner Lee Reinhart.

“I think we need walk-throughs quarterly or semi-annually,” added finance and insurance commissioner Kyle Buchanan.

Attorney Steve Mann admitted it was a tough decision.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Lisa Mayr expressed concerns over what she called “junk vehicles” along Owsley Street and asked if the city could make this an ordinance violation.

“I’m looking to put my house on the market and that would affect its value,” explained Mayr.

Commissioner Daiker said there is not much the city can do if it is not a violation of law or city ordinance. Mayor Wilder agreed.

“As long as the vehicle is licensed, there’s nothing we can do about it,” said Wilder.

If the vehicles are on city property, they can be towed if the owners are not moving them. Wilder plans to follow-up on the situation to see what the city can come up with.

“We’ll have to get some pictures of it.”

Local resident and property owner Keenan Wilson also addressed the council about the possibility of reimbursement for a new roof he had to put on a building in 2016. He outlined plans for capital improvements on buildings in the TIF district. Mayor Wilder suggested Wilson fill out an application and bring it back to the council.

Streets Commissioner Joseph Bell said it has been a busy past couple of weeks and he hopes to get plenty of work done next year. Spray patching is being prepared for spring and summer. Reinhart credited city employees and the community for progress being made with water, noting hard work is paying off to fix the water system.

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