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New mayor elected in Chenoa

Chris Wilder, Jon Dassow & Dave Shane at last week's forum (Laurie Sleeter photo).

Chenoa residents have elected a new mayor, based on unofficial results released prior to 9 p.m. Tuesday by the McLean County Clerk’s Office.

David Shane is the apparent winner in the three-way race for mayor, getting 215 votes, or 50.8 percent. Incumbent Chris Wilder had 180 votes, or 42.5 percent and newcomer Jonathan Dassow had 28 votes or 6.62 percent.

Shane felt good about the election results.

“I think the city’s ready for some things to change and I think they believe in what I was saying,” Shane told Chenoa News.

Shane said several people are excited about the town and getting it back to where it “should be.” He would like to see enough residents show up at a council meeting that they can’t hold it at City Hall anymore.

Wilder chose not to comment Tuesday evening and Chenoa News was unable to reach Jonathan Dassow.

In the four-way race for city commissioner for a four-year term, the two winners were Zachary Lopeman with 301 votes, or 38.3 percent, and Dwayne Price with 222 votes, or 28.2 percent.

“Thanks for the town’s support and the chance to better our community,” stated Lopeman.

“I appreciate the residents of Chenoa voting for me and Zack,” said Price. “They did what they thought was right.”

Lopeman and Price defeated Melissa Cooper and Chad Daiker. Cooper chose not to comment and Chenoa News could not reach Daiker.

Joseph Moreland was the only one running for an unexpired two-year term for commissioner and received 391 votes.

Several trustees were elected to the Chenoa Public Library District, although there were no contested races since six people ran for six spots. Molly Wilder, Lori Carranza and Dawn Neubauer were the three running for the four-year trustee term while Dan Groce, Dawn Malone and Steve Bury ran for the unexpired two-year term.

Troy Cottrell was the lone candidate for Chenoa Park District Commissioner, receiving 403 votes.

For the Prairie Central Board of Education, three people running for three spots included Bradley Duncan, Dana Kafer and Benjamin Stoller. In McLean County, Kafer and Stoller tied with 370 votes and Duncan received 352.

Council candidates Zack Lopeman, Chad Daiker, Joe Moreland, Melissa Cooper & Dwayne Price.

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