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More resurfacing possible

A resurfaced Division Street is shown in front of PC Primary West school.

Additional resurfacing plans for Division Street were announced at Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Chenoa City Council.

Jerry Stokes with the McLean County Highway Department explained they are putting plans together to resurface areas surrounding the part which has already been redone. This entails County Road 3000 North to Boles Street and Route 24 to Route 66. Grinding of the old surface would be put back in as asphalt.

“We thought this would kind of tie everything together,” Stokes said.

Jurisdictional transfer is a possibility where the county would turn over control to the city. Work would take place in the summer with the project possibly going out for bids in March. If work started right away, Stokes anticipates construction being done by the Fourth of July.

“I’d say in six weeks to two months they would have it completed.”

There are parking areas along Division Street north of Route 24 which were paved by the city back when the work was originally done the first time. Something like this could be done again. All ramps that come up to the road at intersections would be ADA compliant.

Mayor Chris Wilder said the council would talk this over and get back to Stokes.

Council members also approved an ordinance authorizing the sale and disposition of a certain vehicle owned by the city. This basically gives the commissioner of the police department permission to sell the 2015 Ford Taurus.

Attorney Steve Mann updated city leaders on the criminal justice reform bill which recently passed in Springfield. This will impact how the police department keeps records.

“There are going to be some changes there,” Mann explained.

Mayor Wilder said the city may have to consider ordinance violations for those with excess items out in yards. He feels some areas of town are starting to look like a junk yard.

“We do not pick up electronics. You must recycle them yourself,” Wilder noted.

Parks Commissioner Chad Daiker reported Opperman Construction has donated time, labor and machinery for a handicapped deck project out at the city pond. The new deck will be on the west side and ADA compliant. It is expected to extend five feet farther into the water than it does now.

Streets Commissioner Dwayne Price said winter road operations continue when bad weather hits. He reminded the public to not park along snow routes in the city and noted there was plenty of salt on backup.

Kyle Buchanan, commissioner for finance and insurance, gave a business update saying spots will likely come open in the 4-D Construction building in the next couple of months and the gym has some availability as well. Water and Sewer Commissioner Lee Reinhart reminded Chenoa residents of the survey to return by February 28.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the council was urged to dress-up the intersection of Routes 24 and 66 again by decorating all four corners and possibly getting local Scout groups and citizens involved.

When it comes to the upcoming Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor Festival in the spring, Chenoa is waiting for other towns to commit but hopes to hold some type of celebration.

“It’s looking like we are going to move forward with it,” stated Price.

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