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Jolly reveals building plans

The old fire house is shown Tuesday evening in Chenoa.

The new owner of the former Chenoa fire house revealed plans for the facility during Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Chenoa City Council.

Andrew Jolly told the group the structure needs work and he plans on splitting the building in half. He intends to paint the building while keeping the fire department character and create a residential space with apartments. Also, two commercial spaces would be located on the lower level.

Jolly expects the residential aspect of the building and available commercial space to bring more people into town. He said he is open to all business possibilities.

“It’ll be tuckpointing brick work,” Jolly explained. “I’m going to stay as local as I can.”

Council members are expected to vote on a TIF redevelopment agreement between the city and Jolly at the next meeting as TIF funds are possible to help with the building work.

“This building was bought in all cash,” added Jolly.

The building does have a new roof.

During its Oct. 12 meeting, the Chenoa City Council learned the former building owner was moving out of town so he was released from a previous TIF development agreement with the city. He had purchased and later sold the property.

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