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Iron Cave Golf opens, OB's to follow

Brian & Bobbi Ludwig pose inside a golf simulator at Iron Cave Golf in Chenoa last week.

Local residents can experience golf year-round at a new destination in Chenoa.

Iron Cave Golf is officially open inside OB’s Cervezaria along U.S. Highway 24. The golf simulator features over 100 courses along with games.

“We also have golf ranges too,” explains owner Brian Ludwig. “Come out and practice your putting or long-range type of stuff.”

Real clubs and balls are used so it is not to be confused with a virtual golf system.

“Anybody that even has little experience is able to do it,” notes co-owner Bobbi Ludwig.

The active simulator tracks everything a person does – from the swing to ball speed, direction and more. Everyone can enjoy this, from the beginners to highly-experienced golfers.

“It’s actually kind of nicer than going out on the course because I think it’s a little more intimidating if you’re new to the game to be out there and not know what you’re doing,” added Bobbi.

Visitors are invited to bring in their own clubs and Iron Cave supplies the balls. They also have clubs available for those who don’t have their own. It is fully automated so they make sure once a customer schedules online, they have all of the directions needed to start up a game.

Texts and e-mails are sent out explaining what exactly to do. Once someone arrives, there are posted directions. Anyone experiencing issues can still contact a real person for assistance.

The Ludwigs have definitely done their research. This is unique to the area as there are simulators but not for several miles.

It all started after a conversation between Brian and Chenoa Fitness Center owner John Cerda, who is also one of the owners of the soon-to-open OB’s Cervezaria.

“(Brian) joked and asked about maybe putting a simulator in the gym,” recalled Bobbi. “(John) said, ‘are you kidding do you know how much those things cost?’ Brian laughed and said, ‘yeah, that’s why I’m asking you.’”

Time went by and the Ludwigs did not yet know about plans for the brewery. Cerda came to them a few months later and asked if they would be interested in putting a simulator inside OB’s. After plenty of research, the Ludwigs decided to run with it.

“Here’s the dream,” Brian chuckled as he pointed to the simulator.

Two men from Texas are officially the first two members of Iron Cave Golf as they are here working for Caterpillar. They have enjoyed playing golf at least a couple of days a week.

The business is expected to bring residents of nearby communities to Chenoa. Educational activities are planned as Iron Cave will reach out to local golf coaches, reminding them this is an additional tool to use. Participants can login continuously to see their analytics in order to get better.

For those early-bird golfers, Iron Cave is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Leagues are coming soon and membership is a great holiday gift idea. Find Iron Cave Golf on Facebook, Instagram and the web, which is where customers can schedule a time.

OB’s Cervezaria is expected to open the first of December. Not only will the business have beverages and Iron Cave Golf, but will also have food offerings from Hometeam Eats.

The main sign for Iron Cave Golf located inside the OB's building along Route 24 in Chenoa.

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