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  • Kent Casson

Icy start to 2021

An area tree is covered in ice still on Saturday morning.

While 2020 was a year many would like to forget, 2021 isn’t starting off on the best note.

An ice storm impacted Chenoa and surrounding areas in Central Illinois Friday into Saturday. Significant ice accumulations were reported which prompted the National Weather Service to issue winter weather advisories and ice storm warnings for a large chunk of Illinois on New Year’s Day.

There were some accidents reported on Interstate 55 and someone had posted a photo of a semi crashed into a ditch near Odell.

The City of Chenoa released information online Saturday telling residents to make sure broken limbs and branches are parallel to the street and curb and to make sure they are no longer then 7 or 8 foot long which makes it easier for workers to pick them up with the equipment they have.

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