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Fitness center marks five years

(L to R) John Cerda, Lauren Cerda, Dylan Cerda & Kent Casson at Chenoa Fitness Center.

The Chenoa Fitness Center marked five years in business with giveaways, a live remote on Route 24 Radio and plenty of fun Tuesday evening.

A business often referred to as the center of the community hit 700 members and also has a number of other businesses inside.

“We are really happy where we are at right now,” said Dylan Cerda.

The Cerdas really have something unique for Chenoa inside the 12,500 square foot area.

“It was just the best opportunity because we knew in Chenoa you needed just a little more beyond the gym in order to make it work.”

Several different spaces were created which now house a tattoo shop, hair salon, Maxwire Internet and even Carle.

“Why did we want to do this here? Because we love Chenoa,” added Cerda.

The family-friendly atmosphere of Chenoa Fitness Center has something for everyone in town and beyond.

“We knew this spot was just perfect for our family business.”

Ann Whicker operates Whicker Hair Depot inside the center. She was formerly uptown but got a hold of John Cerda when she was looking for a place to move and everything worked out.

“He’s like a brother,” Whicker said with a smile.

Bobbi Ludwig and Tevin Weaver are trainers at the fitness center and enjoy their work.

“Everybody’s goals are different,” explains Ludwig. “For some people it’s body building, for some it’s losing weight and some just toning-up.”

The idea is to build an entire program talking about nutrition and overall health and fitness. Weaver worked out on his own at the center for about a year and now brings his wife and kids along. He thought he may as well get certified since he is there every night anyway.

“Here I am,” said Weaver.

A membership deal is currently underway at the center where you pay for three years and get the fourth year free. That will go toward a new parking lot, where construction is expected to start in late April weather permitting.

“We’ve got a lot of other things we want to start working on also,” explained John Cerda.

Tuesday’s remote on Route 24 Radio included several giveaways where viewers had to type “I Love Route 24 Radio” in the comment section of the Facebook live post to be entered to win prizes.

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2023

”Home town proud“!!! The Cerda family are amazing! Love you guys and we are so proud and happy for you all! Love Coach Carranza.

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