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  • Kent Casson

County highways to be improved

The Meadows-Lexington road is shown west of Chenoa.

Some nearby McLean County roads will receive a much needed facelift.

During last week’s Chenoa City Council meeting, McLean County Highway Engineer Jerry Stokes reported the county plans to invest in the Meadows-Lexington road (County Highway 23). The likely $9 million project, which includes widening, will be done from Lexington to U.S. Highway 24. Work is also expected on the Lexington to Colfax Blacktop road (County Highway 8). This could be around $3 million.

Stokes said the wind farm will pay around $2 million for the County Highway 23 work with the rest coming from Motor Fuel Tax and Rebuild Illinois funds. The wind farm is also expected to pay $1.7 million for the project east of Lexington.

County Highway 19, which turns into Division Street in Chenoa, will be maintained by Chenoa Township from County Road 3000 North to 2600 North then falls under the care of Lexington Township, according to Stokes.

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