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  • Kent Casson

Club focuses on robotics

The Boys & Girls Club of Livingston County’s 2021 Robotics season got off to a great start on Saturday January 9.

Seven teens from the Pontiac and Fairbury Clubs came to watch the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) kick-off video to find out what this year’s challenge/competition is going to entail. Students and volunteers discovered what materials they will be working with and meet their fellow teammates.

This year’s team is being provided by Allison Pratt who will be assisted by Garrett Pratt. Kam Sallee, the leader of the Boys & Girls Club of Prairie Central, will provide guidance and direction along with mentors Ty Cottrell and Ray Popejoy. As the season progresses, Allison envisions more teens and mentors joining to make this the best robotics season yet. The team started evening practices from 6-8pm at the Fairbury Site.

If you are interested in joining the team or helping to mentor, please contact Kam Sallee @ 847-400-6103, or the Club at 815-692-2423.

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