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City receives dog park update

An update on the Chenoa dog park was given to members of the Chenoa City Council Tuesday evening.

Construction is expected to begin April 6 as the group has raised money and equipment has been picked up.

“That is progressing nicely,” Mayor David Shane said.

An ordinance approving the execution of a Redevelopment Agreement between the city and Anderson Properties/Zachary Anderson was approved. This is for the apartment building behind McDonald’s. The city set it at 50 percent on return.

“We are going to try to make that the standard from now on,” explained Shane.

The city doesn’t get anything outside of real estate tax from Anderson, according to the mayor.

“We could’ve maybe given him more percentage if we were going to get something else out of the project like sales tax.”

In other matters, work continues on the city budget as the city is trying to get it done on time. The budget will be set up as a guidance tool with money available if they go over, instead of just budgeting all of the money and trying to say don’t use it all.

The council learned the old Brum building, across from City Hall to the north, is being given away to someone who wants it. A handful of people are reportedly interested.

“He wants to make sure it goes to somebody that’s going to start working on it immediately,” said Shane.

It was also revealed that the old cannery on the north end of town will be coming down in the middle of April.

Local resident Marion Shier addressed the council about the PACT effort in the Prairie Central School District, known as “Planning A Course Together.” PACT is exploring options for the future of the district with different building scenarios presented at recent community meetings in Fairbury. Shier explained the scenarios and information that has been discussed at those meetings.

Chenoa City Council members also approved the purchase of a new mower and approved regular meeting minutes from March 12 along with executive session minutes from the same date.

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