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  • Kent Casson

City Council authorizes agreements

Members of the Chenoa City Council approved a couple of agreements during the group’s first meeting of 2022 earlier this week.

The first was an amendment to a TIF Redevelopment Agreement between the city and WMC Property Management LLC to reflect a name change. The other item was a redevelopment agreement between the city and Keenan P. Wilson and KM1, LLC. A brief discussion was held and Wilson was on hand to answer questions.

“It was pretty self-explanatory and passed unanimously,” Mayor Chris Wilder told Chenoa News after the meeting.

In another matter, the council made a change to the employee handbook adding Juneteenth to the list of paid holidays.

Following a closed session, a resolution was made by commissioners Joey Bell and Kyle Buchanan giving full-time employees a $2 per hour raise.

“We are raising our pool manager, summer park staff, the part-time city clerk and all part-time officers one dollar an hour,” Wilder explained.

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