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City accepts clear well bid

The Chenoa City Council has approved a clear well bid from Tobin Brothers at a cost not to exceed $661,000.

During Tuesday’s regular council meeting, Water and Sewer Commissioner Joe Moreland said only a couple of bids came in.

“Five years ago, it was $300,000,” explained Moreland. “Everything has gone up.”

While admitting it is a large amount of money, Moreland feels the city has kicked the can down the road for too long and it must have a clear well.

“At the end of the day, we have to have it.”

Moreland reported something such as this would likely have a 30-year life, although the company says it could be 50 as long as it is maintained.

“The roof on top of that tank is nasty at best,” Mayor Chris Wilder said of the current situation.

Wilder informed the council that it is possible to consider a loan by checking with banks or even the EPA which could offer some type of forgiveness.

City Treasurer Bryan Rowold said the city has the money in savings to cover this but he feels getting a small loan for part of it could be the best of both worlds. With this and the Division Street project, the city would spend about a third of available cash.

“You are bleeding it dry a little bit,” observed Rowold.

Wilder would like to see the council put out feelers and consider all options for acquiring the money. He believes the city may need the current savings funds.

“You never know when an emergency is going to come up,” explained Wilder.

Rowold pointed out that the city has essentially paid for the entire project by saving money the past two years.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the Chenoa City Council amended the 2022-23 budget since more has been spent than was budgeted in some funds. Rowold reported a $236,000 surplus in the general fund and a $567,000 surplus in the water and sewer fund. As a whole, the city has a $942,000 surplus from all funds.

During public comment, Melissa Cooper requested barricades for the upcoming Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor Festival. She would like them placed downtown at Lincoln and Veto and Lincoln and Green.

Streets Commissioner Dwayne Price discussed addressing 7th Street drainage issues. Price has reached out to different people for help so the city workers can do the rest of the projects in town. Spray patching is planned for 2nd Street out to the county line.

Commissioner Chad Daiker is looking to get the park restrooms open by April 15 as more visitors head to the park. There is an issue with a few pipes by the pool and the city will soon finalize hiring a new mower.

Moreland updated the group on more hydrant flushing which is planned for the week of April 24. They hope to get it done in a couple of weeks.

Finance and Insurance Commissioner J.E. Myers reported the city is working on ideas for communication such as revitalizing the Facebook page.

In closing, Mayor Wilder alluded to the recent election in which he was defeated by challenger David Shane. He said the two would remain friends and work together.

“It’s got to be a smooth transition,” said Wilder.

The election results will be finalized April 25 and the new commissioners and mayor will officially be seated May 9.

Following an executive session, the council approved employee pay raises which the city does each year at budget time. Increases are effective May 1.

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