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Reminiscing about Chenoa

Mary Jo Krall, Laurie Sleeter & Elizabeth Easley visit with Kent Casson about Chenoa.

The editor of the local newspaper grew up here and is still pleased to be a part of Chenoa.

Laurie Sleeter disagrees with the fact that local papers are dying as the Chenoa Town Crier is well supported by community residents. Sleeter also edits the Lexingtonian. Both of the newspapers are part of the Normalite group which publishes eight papers around the area.

“Thank you everyone for your support. You guys keep it going,” Sleeter said during a recent visit to Route 24 Radio. “It’s just a real blessing to get so much news, it’s all good news.”

The paper shares local accomplishments and happenings in the community. Sleeter points to the active school in Chenoa, which has plenty of activities. Retired Prairie Central Primary West principal Dan Groce was actually a classmate of Sleeter’s at Chenoa High School. She remembers him as “Danny” who always had a smile on his face.

“I’m so excited about events like the community Easter egg hunt that is coming up again,” Sleeter noted.

She also enjoys covering the annual community sale and the city’s big Fourth of July celebration.

“Chenoa is just a great place,” Sleeter said.

Sleeter stopped into the studios of Route 24 Radio inside the 323 Design Team/4-D Construction building this week. Other guests included Mary Jo Krall and Elizabeth Easley from the Chenoa Women’s Club.

Easley grew up in the area and moved to the east coast, just recently moving back. She was encouraged to join the Women's Club.

"My mother had actually been a president of the organization as well as my older sister."

Originally a Streid, Easley remembers many of those still in Chenoa. She is the daughter of John and Marilyn.

"I was glad to come back and re-acquaint myself with the people here in town," Easley said.

Memories which stand out to Easley include cheerleading through school with the Powell girls, Jane and Jorj Ann.

Krall calls herself a Chenoa "transplant" since she moved here in 1974 with her husband. She worked as a nurse practitioner in the doctor's office for close to 20 years before retiring.

"My daughter was raised here and also went to school here," added Krall.

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