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Car wash has new owners

Ron Romersberger stands outside of the Chenoa Super Wash last week.

The new owners of the Chenoa Super Wash are looking forward to keeping vehicles clean in the community.

Ron and Gail Romersberger, who also own the car wash in Gridley, purchased the business from Dale Augspurger. Improvements have already been made to the facility and they hope to spruce things up outside once the weather improves.

“We are going to put a door on the south side of the automatic bay,” Ron explained.

The Romersbergers have already put a significant investment into the automatic wash with upgrades and added a foaming brush to the car bay. Customers can also pay with credit cards now.

“Hopefully it will be reliable and people will use it,” Ron added.

Gridley’s car wash was built in 2008 and the only difference is that it has a truck bay.

“It’s been good,” said Ron. “Gridley is not as big as Chenoa so we are hoping Chenoa will support this.”

You may recall seeing the creative messages posted on the Gridley car wash sign while driving through town on Route 24. They are hoping for similar postings on the Chenoa sign and welcome any ideas.

“That’s Gail’s department,” Ron stated with a chuckle.

The Superwash franchise remains in Chenoa and the Romersbergers are happy with that decision.

“I am really impressed with them and they’ve got good equipment. They seem to do a great job.”

Members of the community are invited to stop out to the Chenoa Super Wash to buy tokens or just say hello to the new owners.

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