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An 'amazing' day for Chenoa

(Holes are dug for posts at the new Chenoa Dog Park on Saturday)

Emotion and excitement filled Chenoa over the weekend as work officially started on the Route 66 Fetch & Stretch Dog Park.

It’s local history in the making for the project which started almost nine months ago with meetings. Several volunteers showed up at the site Saturday morning near the swimming pool and Route 66 to begin fence work.

“It’s just amazing because we’ve got holes in the ground,” said an excited Carmen Hernandez, a local volunteer helping to lead the project with Michelle Ramseyer.

Petree Farms and TNT Cycles and Repair were helping with auger work and local Boy Scouts put poles down along with several others. Saturday’s goal was to get the poles in and the concrete set.

“We would like to have all of the chain link up by May 4,” explained Hernandez.

May 4 is the date for a special event planned for the area with details expected soon. That is also the annual Red Carpet Corridor Weekend for Route 66. Be looking for flyers on what is coming.

A construction company is expected to come in during May or June to put in concrete pads and the pavilion.

“We are still working on the brick fundraiser if anybody wants their name on Route 66 or the pet’s name or business name. You can get a flyer at city hall or contact us on Facebook,” Hernandez added.

If you didn’t get the chance to help over the weekend and still want to, you are in luck. Another work day is planned for this Saturday, April 13 starting at 9 a.m. Those helping should bring their knowledge of putting up and stretching fences and any tools they have.

Follow “Chenoa Dog Park” on Facebook for further updates.

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