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A new destination for Fido?

(A dog park proposal is shown to the Chenoa City Council Tuesday night)

While it doesn’t appear a pickleball grant will happen for Chenoa right now, there is hope for a dog park down the road.

Carmen Hernandez and a group of local citizens appeared before the Chenoa City Council Tuesday evening to propose a place where people could safely let their dogs run. The hope is to tie this in with Route 66 tourism as it is proposed for the area of north Morehead across from the swimming pool.

“In the beginning, literally, we need fences,” explained Hernandez.

Dog park proponent Clayton Rosenberger said it would be east of the creek and they would need to talk with nearby residents about noise. PVC slats could be used to block off the area.

“We are trying to find a place,” said Rosenberger. “I think there’s a need.”

The hope is for tourists along the “Mother Road” to stop and enjoy the dog park while also spending money locally in town.

“It’s like the Field of Dreams – if you build it, they will come,” added Rosenberger.

Hernandez feels this would be made into more of an attraction since it is along the historic highway. Funding possibilities include grants, local donations or tourism funds.

“I think we’re a go,” stated Chenoa Mayor David Shane.

Shane encouraged the group to keep the council informed on how plans are progressing.

In another matter, Nancy Todd of the Chenoa Revitalization Committee said the group got a late start for the pickleball grant at the park and the grant writer could not get a response from IDNR.

“Monday, we had a meeting and decided it’s just not going to happen this year, but there is next year,” said Todd.

Todd hopes the city can keep moving forward with the pickleball effort in the future. She wants help from the city on engaging an architect to help the group plan out the project and get their “ducks in a row.”

“Pickleball is something anybody can play; it’s accessible to all.”

Teri Mason noted the group is back to researching again and trying to find other options.

Todd also said the Chenoa Revitalization Committee would like to purchase doggie poop bag stations as they feel these could be beneficial to the city if they were mounted on signage. They plan to have them at Silliman Pond, the football field and every park. The council gave its blessing.

Commissioner Zack Lopeman presented details on an informational door hanger proposal. While this is not a fine, it is just something informational that would indicate something such as a city dumpster out of compliance or issues with yard waste and brush.

“Really, they’re getting two seeks before a fine starts to fix the issue,” Lopeman explained.

“This is absolutely perfect as far as I’m concerned,” said Commissioner J.E. Myers.

Mayor Shane admitted the problem now is stuff laying out by the roads. Myers asked what to do about piles of old building materials in alleys.

“I’d be glad to get the streets cleaned up first,” replied Shane.

It could be helpful to have an informational door hanger, but attorney Steve Mann said a violation is still a violation. Lopeman suggested a seven-day grace period on the door hangers before the city sends the resident an actual violation.

“Before you go to the enforcement side, you have to give them an actual notice,” observed police chief Travis Cornwall.

Lopeman reported the city has been working on Seventh Street tile and is caught up on brush pickup. They are preparing for the chipping of roads with all of the recent hot weather.

Shane wants to work on getting the house taken down by the city shed but recommended keeping the nearby garage for salt or dirt storage.

“That’d be a good winter project,” said Lopeman.

(The map of an area proposed for a dog park in Chenoa)

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