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A memorable day for Chenoa

The tug-o-war competition kicks off the Patriotic Party in the Park Saturday morning.

Despite some severe weather that rolled through town in the afternoon, Saturday was a fun day in Chenoa for the “Patriotic Party in the Park” celebration.

The day opened with a tug-o-war competition. A team known as “The Wild Squirrels” won.

“We’re awesome,” said team member Jacob Hetman, after receiving the winning trophy.

Participant Dustin Monical admitted it has been a while since he has competed in something such as this.

“It’s been at least a good decade.”

Visitors to the park were able to write a letter to a service member from the area. This was intended for someone currently serving our country or a veteran as a simple way to say thank you.

“We have coloring for younger people then we have sheets of paper,” explained volunteer Vicky Roach who was manning the booth Saturday morning.

The Chenoa 4th of July Committee came up with the idea for the letters.

“They have done an awesome job putting this together,” added Roach. “They worked with the VFW to try and get names as well.”

A few blocks away, classic autos filled the downtown area near the Finish Line for the Midwest Real Street Machines cruise-in. Danny Heath had his 1968 Chevrolet C10 on display.

“It came from my uncle in Kentucky,” he said.

Even though the restoration was practically complete when he got the truck, Heath has touched it up and traveled to shows in places like Mahomet and Princeton.

“I do a lot of car shows with it.”

Chenoa Fitness Center and Barlows Furniture hosted a beer run which was rain shortened. The first group finished then the second group cut out for the most part, according to organizer John Cerda.

“You run one mile and it starts with chugging a beer, then you have to do one lap around the park here,” Cerda explained. “Every lap you have to chug a beer and if you throw up, that’s considered a reversal.”

The annual Chenoa fireworks display, which was postponed from Independence Day, took place after dusk and was an impressive show.

It was a day many in town won’t forget, not only for the celebration but also the weather. After strong winds and storms hit in the afternoon, there were reports of trees, limbs and power lines down throughout Chenoa. Cleanup is expected to take some time.

Danny Heath shown with his 1968 truck at the Midwest Real Street Machines cruise-in near the Finish Line.

More cars are shown at the downtown cruise-in Saturday morning.

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