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2022 Community Sale is in the books

Items are held up during the auction at the Chenoa Community Sale Saturday morning.

The streets of downtown Chenoa were filled with sale items during the annual Chenoa Community Sale on Saturday.

“People start dropping off items at 5 in the morning and the sale starts at 10,” explained Brett Campbell of the Chenoa 4th of July Committee.

This is one of the committee’s big fundraisers to help collect funds for the annual fireworks display in July. It takes plenty of work and volunteers to raise the money.

“It’d be nice if we got more volunteers,” admitted Campbell.

Chenoa firemen were selling pork chops for lunch during the longstanding department fundraiser. The first chops came off the grill late morning and they kept serving sandwiches through the afternoon.

“We still love doing it,” said Fire Chief Troy Aldrich.

Aldrich noted the all-volunteer department is always looking for more volunteers to apply.

Local Chenoa promoter and property owner Keenan Wilson was hoping for a good community sale day. He has restored a couple of downtown buildings to help improve the city’s look.

“I’m excited about these times in Chenoa,” he noted.

Wilson is impressed with everyone in the community is taking on different roles and starting different projects to benefit Chenoa.

Other groups helping during Saturday’s community sale included the VFW Women’s Auxiliary serving breakfast, members of the Chenoa Women’s Club selling homemade baked goods and 4-H members volunteering their time.

“It’s just a joint venture from community people,” said Campbell.

Due to concerns over Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in the state, no poultry was accepted for buying or selling. The donation lot was auctioned first followed by animals. Sellers were required to register with the clerk on the street where items are deposited and buyers had to register at City Hall.

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