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Addition of turbines approved

On a 3 to 2 vote, members of the Chenoa City Council approved the addition of five wind turbines to the Panther Grove 2 project Tuesday evening.

Also during the last regular June meeting, Mayor David Shane reported that Cenergy, a solar farm company, may donate $180,000 to the city for community improvement projects like parks. More information will be presented at a future City Council meeting.


The City of Chenoa owns a house at 317 Franklin Street, which it wants to tear down. Testing revealed the presence of asbestos in the house siding. The State of Illinois has strict regulations on the removal of asbestos materials.


City officials have had some discussions with a company named Ideal Environmental. This firm could prepare bids and supervise a contractor to ensure the asbestos is removed correctly. The Council will seek bids from other firms that could assist the city in this project.


A representative from the Chenoa Revitalization Committee requested their presentation be moved to the next City Council meeting.


A Chenoa EDC (Economic Development Commission) representative gave a status report to the City Council. This group recently received advice from retired Pontiac City Administrator Bob Karls concerning promoting Chenoa and Route 66.


The seven members of the EDC recently unanimously agreed that a Chenoa Centralized Committee should be established. The members of the EDC also recommended that the City Council approve hiring a professional architect for $20,000 to develop a landscape plan for the city. The $20,000 would come from a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) fund. The Council will vote on this at a future meeting.


Attorney Steve Mann reported he had done some research on ordinances regulating the use of steel siding on garages. The City Council members and members of the public discussed this issue extensively. The Council recommended that the Zoning Subcommittee review it again and make a recommendation to the full City Council.


The initial opening of the Chenoa swimming pool was delayed, but it is now open.


Police Chief Travis Cornwall reported Chenoa has received a grant to pay for increased speeding enforcement during July.


"Offenders will be stopped and ticketed, especially on high-traffic roadways within and around our city, where most of our speed-related crashes occur," said Chief Cornwall.


Mayor David Shane reported that a meeting is being scheduled in a few weeks for the City Council to receive input from the public about increased water utility bills to pay for the public water system improvement program.


Members present at Tuesday’s Chenoa City Council meeting included Mayor Shane along with Commissioners J.E. Myers, Bev Pickett, Zack Lopeman and Manny Hernandez.

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