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Work underway at city park

The park project is underway in Chenoa / photos courtesy of Nancy Todd.

New bathrooms and a picnic pavilion are under construction at the Chenoa City Park on Division and Lincoln streets.

The Chenoa City Council and numerous volunteers are working diligently to complete construction by winter.

The new facility includes a foundation of 52’ X 27’ with handicapped accessible restrooms -Family, Women’s and Men’s. Also being built is a covered pavilion with electricity and access to hot water. The current park bathroom is over 50 years old. This project was recommended by the Silliman Trust Advisory Board.

We are grateful to many volunteers, which have allowed this project to progress in light of today’s high construction prices.

The many volunteers involved include: Silliman Trust Board (Marion Shier, J.D. Skaggs, Sandy Painter), Chenoa City Employees, Chenoa City Council, Kurt Rhoda, Steve Chapman, Sam Bell, Frank Summers, Keenan Wilson, Dan Butler, Landon Chapman, Gordon Whitmar, Bobby Underwood, Mark Strike, Nancy Todd, and anonymous volunteers & donors

This is the first step in moving forward with an inclusive park system. If you are interested in volunteering your time, talents, or donations, contact Nancy Todd at 815.945.3141 or

(Thanks to Nancy Todd for submitting this information to Chenoa News)

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