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Water system info presented to council

During Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Chenoa City Council, Water and Sewer Commissioner Lee Reinhart noted the EPA wants the city to look at a water reporting system.

“It kind of takes away from all of the paperwork at the plant,” Reinhart explained.

This would allow data readings to be monitored from home. The $1500 per year service requires an iPad and cell phone service. The city could possibly get a cheaper deal with the existing Verizon plan, although Reinhart is unsure at this time.

“The system is credible or recognized by the EPA,” he said.

A response must be returned to the EPA 45 days from July 13.

Parks Commissioner Chad Daiker reported the two park projects have been started. The bleachers are coming along and the restroom project continues to progress with brick laying. He said the swimming pool is down a bit on revenue due to rainy days.

Streets Commissioner Joseph Bell said city employees have been utilizing the man lift to cut down trees over the past month. They blew a cylinder which needs to be repaired in order to move ahead with the tree work. Road chipping is concluding and Bell has started researching possible help from the state or federal government to help with sewer issues.

Kyle Buchanan, finance and insurance commissioner, updated the council on a possible insurance and employee benefit overhaul.

“Hopefully, we’ll find some savings,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan is hopeful that income will increase for roads and water thanks to the approval of a bipartisan bill with much needed infrastructure help.

During public comment, Zack Lopeman questioned where the water main was going for the Division Street project. He expressed some concerns over having new mains under the road.

An executive session was held, although no action was taken.

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