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Council hears public comments

PuppyDo Transformations LLC is shown in Chenoa. The owner appeared before the city council this week.

A few individuals covered a variety of topics during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s Chenoa City Council meeting.

Sarah Michaels appeared before the group. She and Rachel Kridner continue to raise money for trees in the city and revealed documents have been signed for the Tree City USA program through the Arbor Day Foundation. She is also hopeful for a Governor’s Hometown Award for the city. The honor has no monetary value but is a recognition by the state for the many community service hours and volunteerism that happens here.

Melissa Cooper also spoke during public comment expressing concerns about an accidental double booking of events on May 22 at the city park. Her Shop ‘N Go event is a vendor and car show with food trucks. There is apparently a softball tournament happening at the same time and place.

Cooper feels there may not be enough power at the park to sustain all of the extra food trucks and more items may be needed such as porta-potties and an adequate dumpster.

“I don’t think it’s too hard to ask for the city to step up,” Cooper said.

The ballgame is anticipated to bring in a few hundred people and money is spent in town at the local restaurants, according to Mayor Chris Wilder who said the city will do what it can.

“Yes, there’s money being spent,” he said.

Finance and Insurance Commissioner Kyle Buchanan reported the city is working on a better way to book events.

“It could be a good day with people in town but it’s going to be stressful,” Buchanan admitted.

Carmen Hernandez with PuppyDo Transformations LLC also appeared before council members. This is a new business in town and Hernandez started renovations earlier this year and hopes to eventually repaint the floor. Hernandez said she has been booked for the past two weeks.

Mayor Wilder told Hernandez the city is working on some things to help the business out and will likely have more to report by the next council meeting.

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