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Council approves TIF agreement

The Chenoa City Council and audience members hear Ashley Butler discuss a Main Street Conference.

A $10,000 TIF redevelopment agreement between the city and Immortal Detailing, LLC was approved by members of the Chenoa City Council Tuesday evening.

Derek Underwood explained his business will rent out space that was cold storage at the old fire house building. He is hoping to get customers from the Bloomington and Peoria areas. Immortal Detailing, LLC is described as a one-of-a-kind shop with a Chicago vibe. Services include vehicle wraps, detailing, window tint and race stripes.

Since a dust-free environment is needed for vinyl wrapping, Underwood contacted Slagel Insulation for a quote and talked with Steidinger Brothers about getting a heat unit.

“We are trying to get in there as soon as possible, especially with winter coming,” explained Underwood.

The goal is for the owners to be in the shop full time by April 1.

“We want you to understand we are investing in you,” said Chenoa Mayor Chris Wilder.

Local business owner Ashley Butler gave an overview of the recent Main Street Conference which allowed networking with other communities. She noted the importance of making downtown buildings turnkey ready for businesses and community beatification.

“The more you invest, the more people are going to want to invest,” said Butler.

Butler noted finding a target market and demographic is important along with taking an inventory of businesses. Sessions at the conference covered TIF funding for the downtown area and creating a master plan.

“Overall, I think it was a really good workshop,” Butler concluded.

During public comment, Zack Lopeman suggested recording city council meetings or getting them online such as Livingston County does.

“The minutes don’t include near the discussions,” Lopeman observed.

Mayor Wilder said the city is discussing options.

The council approved an amendment to the zoning ordinance pertaining to fences. The city attorney wrote the change which now includes a $10 permit fee for a fence.

Another ordinance amendment was authorized pertaining to lot coverage in R-1 (single family residential) and R-2 (medium density residential). The city was at 35 percent but the Zoning Board recommended the change to 50 percent of the total lot area. The lot coverage definition has changed to include certain items as part of the coverage.

Water and Sewer Commissioner Joe Moreland said he has not received any complaints since the city finished dumping water so he hopes they are on the right track.

“I’ll call that a win right now.”

Moreland reported a generator at the lift station does not work properly and could cost $12,000 to get it fixed.

“Certain things are just going to have to be done,” replied Wilder.

Streets Commissioner Dwayne Price updated the group on various projects such as organizing the city Christmas lights and moving forward on other work. He emphasized the importance of paying attention to the burn ordinance.

Finance and Insurance Commissioner Kyle Buchanan stated the Economic Development Council is putting together some programs to help with marketing or signage. The EDC has ideas to help new and existing businesses in the community.

It was revealed at the meeting that OB’s plans to open Dec. 1.

“We finally got our video games in place,” said owner John Cerda.

OB’s is a week away from having the tap wall complete and everything else is falling into place nicely, according to Cerda. Hometown Eats will start in December as well and Iron Cave Golf has opened.

Mayor Wilder said the city is looking at police grants as new computers are needed for the squad cars.

Council members approved an ordinance levying a tax for corporate purposes upon all the property subject to taxation within the city for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2023.

Minutes from the regular Oct. 27 meeting were approved and the bills allowed.

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